Training and socializing


oktatás, szoc.3oktatás.3.There are no regular courses, however, you can ask for help via individual courses, if your dog needs to be socialized, if you are dealing with smaller behavioral issues, or if you need a bit of help with harmonizing your coexistence. We would like to draw attention to the importance of socializing during puppyhood. If your puppy frequents our daycare, we will contribute to him/her becoming a well socialized, communicative adult.

3.oktatás szocializció                  Australian Shepherd Clicker-training ault dog                  IMG_5905

As of 2019 October, Pet Resort’s partner is Dogsfort dog school, in Budapest’s district II, where you are welcome to join our thematic and regular courses. Here, you will also be encouraged to try out various dog involved hobby sports. For details, please visit our website or check out our social media.oktatás, szoc.

The sport activity offered by Pet Resort is mantrailing. You can try it out with certified teachers. For details, please visit MantrailingBUDA on Facebook.

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