hotel/day: 4000ft

hotel +/day: we take your dog for a field trip or swimming: 5000ft

day care/day: 3,500ft

holidays: red days in the calendar: 5000ft

8 Responses to Prices

  1. Szabó Csilla says:

    Tisztelt Kutyatár Park,

    Érdeklődni szertnék, hogy a jelenlegi vírus helyzetben nyitva vannak-e.
    Napközi szolgáltatás érdekelne.

    Milyen feltételei vannak, hogy a kutyusomat el tudjam vinni?

    Előre is köszönöm a választ.

    • Kutyavagyok says:

      Elnézést Csilla,
      ez az üzenet elkerülte a figyelmünk. Igen nyitva vagyunk folyamatosan. Napközi kedd és csütörtök.

  2. Teresa Hitchings says:

    My name is Teresa Hitchings and I am a English Expat living here in Budapest (District 12) with my 2 teenage children. We have just become proud owners of a Viszla puppy who turns 13 weeks today.

    I have been planning some summer vacation days and would like my dog to possibly stay with you. The dates we are looking at are 1-4 July (3 nights/4 days) and 2-8 August (6 nights). Would you have these dates available please?

    It would also be nice to come and visit you with Brody (our dog) and also maybe have a regular day per week with you where he can meet you all and socialise with other dogs.

    many thanks in advance for your thoughts,

    • Kutyavagyok says:

      Dear Theresa,

      Sorry, I missed your message. If it is still current, pls call me at 0670 361 82 62 Adrienne

  3. Irma Velez says:

    I need boarding for two 9 month old Chihuahuas from November 17 until January 15. Could you please inform me if they can stay there and how much would it be. Thank you!

    • Kutyavagyok says:

      Dear Irma,

      Yes, they can come. Please call me, about the details. There is a flat rate for staying longer. In your case this is basically 2 moths for two dogs. The monthly rate is for one dog, is 90,000 FT. Since you have two, there is a better price. We can take one for 70,000FT/months.
      So altogether, for the two moths it would be 280,000 Ft. The half of this amount should be paid when you bring them, and the rest at the end.
      Call me pls. have a nice day!
      0670 3618262

  4. Kate Percival says:

    Please contact me about dog boarding

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